terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2008

Há diferença entre ZANU-FP e o Governo do Zim?

Nunca me identifiquei com o MDC mas também não me considero próximo da ZANU-FP e perante a actual crise eu defendo o GUN, mesmo consciente de que isso possa criar um grave precedente em Africa, em que os perdedores se mantêem de pedra e cal no poder, legitimados pelos GUN. Mas na situação actual do Zimbabwe acho que seria um mal menor a partilhar o poder. O que voces acham?
Enquanto GUN não chega Mugabe vai fazendo das suas e tudo indica que o homem esqueceu-se da existencia de diferença entre acções politicas e acções do Governamentais. Ele mistura tudo e assim não dá Camarada Mugabe! Leia o artigo a baixo que o retirei do Herald e indigne-se comigo!!!
Britain, US are liars: President By Cletus Mushanawani, Sydney Kawadza and Takunda BRITAIN, America and their allies are lying to the world about Zimbabwe to try and build an atmosphere to justify their intervention, President Mugabe has said.Addressing more than 15 000 people at Gaza Stadium in Chipinge yesterday, President Mugabe said: "Britain and her allies are telling a lot of lies about Zimbabwe, saying a lot of people are dying. These are all lies because they want to build a situation to justify their intervention in Zimbabwe. He urged Zimbabweans to safeguard the country’s sovereignty by voting for him in Friday’s presidential run-off since MDC-T was a creation of the West.On grain shortages, the President said the Government had contracted haulage trucks to help the National Railways of Zimbabwe to transport maize from South Africa to Zimbabwe.We realised that we could not bring all the maize using wagons since the same wagons are also used to transport other goods to Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries. Since South Africa is not that far, we contracted haulage trucks to help in bringing the maize home. Very soon, you will see improved deliveries of maize in all the areas," he said.President Mugabe urged farmers to take advantage of the ongoing mechanisation programme to acquire all the necessary implements for them to improve their productivity.Turning to the ever-increasing prices of basic commodities, President Mugabe said as Government, they had decided to supply businesspeople with basic commodities that would be sold to consumers at gazetted prices."This is not an election gimmick. We are now buying goods to stock in People’s Shops. We started with the provision of buses to address the transport shortages and now we are moving to stocking of shops. We will increase the buses if they are not enough. Beneficiaries of these basic commodities should charge gazetted prices. We want to see where those businesses hiking prices will sell their commodities. Most of the businesses are foreign-owned, especially by the British. They are continuously hiking prices because they are pushing for regime change.He said the Government would provide generators to small towns like Chipinge, Kadoma and Chegutu to help in supplying power to households and factories in the event of Zesa load- shedding.He reminded those present that Chipinge provided most of the cadres who fought in the liberation struggle like the late national hero, Cde William Ndangana.The First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe, also addressed the same gathering and urged beneficiaries of the basic commodities to use the profits from the sale of these commodities wisely.In Buhera, Cde Mugabe said Government was investigating some non-governmental organisations for the political role they played in the run-up to the March 29 harmonised elections. Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Muzombokomba Business Centre in Buhera South, President Mugabe said NGOs should desist from politics.Cde Mugabe blasted some businesses for pushing the regime change agenda by deliberately increasing prices despite all the support they were getting from Government.He later officially opened one such shop funded by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe under the Basic Commodities Supply Side Intervention facility at Muzokomba Business Centre. In the shop a 2kg packet of sugar was selling for $625 million, 2kg packet of rice at $680 millionand a kilogramme of fine salt $90 million. Cde Mugabe gave ploughs, harrows, scotchcarts, grinding mills and two buses to the people of Buhera.President Mugabe condemned violence and urged the party to campaign peacefully.He urged the people of Buhera to vote for him on Friday and condemn Tsvangirai, an agent of the imperialists bent of reversing the gains of the liberation struggle.Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Masvosva Business Centre in Makoni West later during the day, Cde Mugabe said people should ensure an emphatic victory for the ruling party in memory of those who perished during the liberation struggle.He said many sons and daughters from Manicaland died during the struggle and people in the province should not allow the country to be recolonised.Cde Mugabe said many people did not vote for Zanu-PF because of various reasons including challenges being experienced while some were fooled by NGOs working in cahoots with the MDC-T.He urged Zanu-PF supporters to mobilise each other for an emphatic victory on June 27 to safeguard the country’s heritage."We know some of you did not vote on March 29 but if you do not vote this time the MDC would win this election even in their small numbers. He, however, said Government was aware of such challenges but people should know that this is being caused by illegal sanctions imposed by the British, Americans and their Western allies.President Mugabe urged people in Makoni West to put aside their differences and work for the party’s victory.He said preparations for the forthcoming agricultural season were at an advanced stage and Government would continue to empower the farmers through the agricultural mechanisation programme.He distributed 12 buses and two hammer mills to the community, 50 ploughs and 50 harrows to traditional leaders. A People’s Shop with a variety of basic commodities was also opened at the business centre.

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